Any public hookah smoker knows the cost you have to pay for smoking a waterpipe at Starbucks. Even though many cafes and restaurants are gradually coming around and allowing hookah smokers to smoke their hookahs on their own porches and dining patios, one problem remain. This problem may be the couple of, the unintelligent, and also the ignorant.

Sure, hookahs resemble καπνος για ναργιλε utilized in the 1970's for marijuana consumption but they’re in no way a “bong”. Yet despite their artistic evolution, continual quality enhancements, and overall westernization, the inevitable ignoramus is likely to reach the relaxing hookah smoker and say “Hey, I’d certainly one of individuals attending college.”

As amusing because the comment is the very first time, then your second time, after that it might be insulting rhetoric. Adopted through the statement from the ignoramus, you’re then inclined to convey your innocence by declaring the hookah’s sole purpose to be for tobacco only use. Actually, based on market research conducted by my opportunity, 99.7% of anonymous hookah smokers surveyed online mentioned they never use their hookah for anything apart from smoking hookah (hookah tobacco).

After explaining may be towards the self amusing hookah crasher, the issue have a tendency to comes next is, “Your not smoking pot? Then what is the point? Exactly what does this hookah do in order to you?”

What is the point? When requested this it is strongly suggested that you simply avoid your initial instinct of utilizing your lighter or hookah hose strongly and rather, reason using the uneducated creature.


Hookah smokers really are a different smoking bread than is generally expected. The typical hookah smoker generally prefers intellectual conversations and mild social scenes as opposed to the ever noise producing clubs. Try not to think you’re smoking among angels. Hookahs will also be great inclusions in the night time existence. The allure from the hookah is its smooth smoke producing and social benefit. Apart from a stray ignoramus, many people that walk your decision while hookah smoking in public places are usually compatible for your personality which is ideal for meeting new people.

Hookahs provide a small unseen private club similar to what has experience by enthusiastic cigar smokers. While you showcase your apparatuses in public places, you’ll gradually attract a network of hookah smokers that may increase your overall experience of having a hookah. And that’s the allure of hookah smoking.